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Paranormal Romance Guild Reviews Reflections

All these fine folks might just be onto somethin’ . . .  🙂 Here’s our latest book blogger’s review!

Paranormal Romance Guild Reviews Reflections






Navigator_chap2_illus_2_CMYKThe Navigator series consists of short stories that are part novella, part graphic novel. It’s a speculative fiction YA/NA spin on alternate dimensions and multiverse jumping with a few fantastic surprises.

This week, Monday through Friday, Part 1 and Part 2 are FREE on Amazon.

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CKP Winter Update

Hey folks. There’s a definite wintery feel here for southern Californians as the weather lady said last night we dipped into the 30s for the coldest temperatures of 2017! That makes former north-easterners like me turn on the fireplace and grab a sweater, but it makes the locals here totally lose it! Mind you, it’s still sunny, clear, and 65 degrees by 10:00am, but South Bay was swarming with parkas, fleeces, and Ugg boots today. Hilarious!

Anyway, it’s nice to to see your breath once in a while, and get some use out of those long sleeves and jackets. It makes it more fun to tell my ice fishing stories when people complain about chilly breezes in San Diego. So I hope you can sip some hot cocoa, or maybe a hot toddy while you read this brisk winter update, because hey . . . it’s rough out there. Here’s your CKP news:

  • Reflections is now on a service called Draft2Digital. This lists the eBook edition in many new eBook stores. To celebrate this, any platform that is new to carrying our title will do so for free for a limited time. You can check out all those cool places here: Reflections on D2D
  • After attempting to transfer The Navigator series into D2D, I found the same results I had when Pronoun was in service: the font, illustrations, and framing of the text will not transfer legibly. A copious amount of flexibility with a free flowing document is needed to get eBooks to read successfully on many different devices from many different eBook sources. My concept for the Navigator was a hybrid of a teen level graphic novel with a new adult level short story. As it turns out, this format with animator style printing and graphic art is not exactly flexible, so it will remain on Amazon and in the iBooks store only.
  • Our children’s book project is on the back burner for now. We are considering returning to the original version once published as a short story, told in third person with a higher reading level and a more classic artistic style, rather than the first person more cartoonish version for a more primary reader audience.
  • Bad Luck Zack is progressing nicely with Emerson Gamble. We are about halfway through initial drafting, and it is interesting to see how this vision takes shape. It will be nice to have two full length works published by this CKP experiment, covering different genres, both with series potential. 🙂   NN Light Book Award Finalist
  • Reflections was recently nominated by book bloggers N. N. Light as one of the best supernatural/paranormal books to read in 2017! They gave us a 5+ star review, and some great promotional help. Reflections didn’t win the top spot, but it was an honor to be nominated. So grateful for cool people like them!
  • CKP is now on Tumbler. We are looking forward to learning more about this platform, so find and follow us. Don’t be a stranger! 🙂 50c3d55630c610d77731509e60dc63ea


  • Our closing Man-Brain Wisdom memes are brought to you this time of year by our favorite Christmas Season side-kicks: The Three Wise Men. Merry Christmas to all, and we wish you blessings in the New Year!






Reflections by @CliftonKenny11 is a Must-Read #YA #Supernatural Book! #bookreview #comingofage

Thanks so much N. N. Light, what an honor!

CKP Fall Update

Hey folks! I haven’t blogged in a while, so here is a rapid fire bullet list with anything new in CKP-land that I can think of.

  • Reflections is FREE TODAY 10/1/17. Great time to pick it up, read and support indie authors by leaving a review!  As you can see this book is in the 40s of positive reviews, which is beyond my wildest dreams. But as I continue to learn more about self-publishing, I have gathered that 50 is the magic number on Amazon. After 50 reviews, they drop your book into marketing lists for similar purchases, which could help sales tremendously.
  • We are ranked on Bookmaester! Vote for Reflections today! Because. . . not sure why, JUST DO IT! (sometimes I crack myself up) –A very simple one-click that could get us some great exposure.
  • Emerson Gamble is about half way through initial writing of Bad Luck Zach. This YA sci-fi/fantasy is looking goooooood! It features a multilingual multicultural band of outcast middle schoolers in a SoCal border town, a young prodigy who is a talented author, time travel, world travel, and food trucks! We are excited about this work to say the least. 🙂
  • We are drafting up a new children’s book concept called Sorry Carlie, about a friendly dog who helps take all your worries away with the cozy teddy-bear effect. Unlimited potential there, with our constant companion as a live model.
  • On the sarcastic side, I also considered a very different children’s book concept this weekend based on the national news. I pinned the goofy Trump-inspired post to the top of our fb page here. Our page could always use some more likes! 🙂

And now, your dose of Man-Brain Wisdom! Peace!



The Navigator Featured on Examining the Odd!

Source: The Navigator by Clifton Kenny