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Title: Reflections

Author: Clifton Kenny

Genre: Supernatural, Young Adult

Book Blurb:

A humble youth. A paranormal gift. A haunting history. In 1974, Shane Sullivan is a quiet, gangly teen in the suburbs of Boston who discovers he can explore the ancestral memories of a person’s lineage. Confused and frightened, his pursuit of this supernatural ability takes him down a dark and unexpected road of history long forgotten —or rewritten by historians.

With the aid of his two friends, Jimmer and Paige, he contemplates a more ruthless version of the reality he thought he knew. Shane finds himself on a shocking journey into a celestial world of truth that puts him face-to-face with his own destiny.

Filled with ghostly, historic discoveries of good versus evil, Reflections is a faithful, mystical tale about one teen’s unique coming of age.

My Review:

Looking for an original young adult supernatural story? Keep reading…


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CKP Fall Update

Hey folks! I haven’t blogged in a while, so here is a rapid fire bullet list with anything new in CKP-land that I can think of.

  • Reflections is FREE TODAY 10/1/17. Great time to pick it up, read and support indie authors by leaving a review!  As you can see this book is in the 40s of positive reviews, which is beyond my wildest dreams. But as I continue to learn more about self-publishing, I have gathered that 50 is the magic number on Amazon. After 50 reviews, they drop your book into marketing lists for similar purchases, which could help sales tremendously.
  • We are ranked on Bookmaester! Vote for Reflections today! Because. . . not sure why, JUST DO IT! (sometimes I crack myself up) –A very simple one-click that could get us some great exposure.
  • Emerson Gamble is about half way through initial writing of Bad Luck Zach. This YA sci-fi/fantasy is looking goooooood! It features a multilingual multicultural band of outcast middle schoolers in a SoCal border town, a young prodigy who is a talented author, time travel, world travel, and food trucks! We are excited about this work to say the least. 🙂
  • We are drafting up a new children’s book concept called Sorry Carlie, about a friendly dog who helps take all your worries away with the cozy teddy-bear effect. Unlimited potential there, with our constant companion as a live model.
  • On the sarcastic side, I also considered a very different children’s book concept this weekend based on the national news. I pinned the goofy Trump-inspired post to the top of our fb page here. Our page could always use some more likes! 🙂

And now, your dose of Man-Brain Wisdom! Peace!



The Navigator Featured on Examining the Odd!

Source: The Navigator by Clifton Kenny

Giveaway: Reflections

Examining the Odd

I reviewed Clifton Kenny’s excellent book Reflections yesterday and now Clifton has very kindly agreed to take part in a giveaway. One lucky Examining the Odd reader will win a signed copy of the book! Simply click here to enter 🙂 Good luck!

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Book Review from Examining the Odd!

Source: Review: Reflections by Clifton Kenny

Clifton Kenny – Interview – Reflections

Reflections Latest Interview. Thanks, AwesomeBooksToday!


First, I wish to thank Clifton Kenny for giving me the opportunity to read his full-length novel debut,  Reflections. If you missed my review for it, you can find it here
Clifton Kenny is a lifetime writing enthusiast, a superhero and science fiction fan. He is currently living in Burlington, Vermont. 
Below are the questions and the answers. This interview is mostly based on his book, Reflections. 
1. How was the book born? How you got the idea for it? 
I got the idea while running. I usually let my mind wander on long runs, and I started people-watching in the park and wondering what physical traits they got from their ancestors. I envisioned what that transformation would look like, and what other traits could have traveled throughout that family line. I thought it would be an awesome super power to be able to read those ancestral memories or hear them like…

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Happily Odd!

Since I first started writing Reflections, I knew it would be wonderfully odd, and worthy of examining. So glad we found Examining the Odd and snuck into their top 8 list!

Source: Examining the Odd Top 8 Indie Reads of 2017 (so far)