Half Time!

My comprehensive self-edit is half done! Time for a break until I can find some time off. President’s Day long weekend is going to be an editing marathon! Maybe time to use some personal days too. I can’t wait for a pro to take a crack at this manuscript.


Reflections – A First Look

 Hey folks! Here is a first attempt at a description of my recently finished manuscript. This baby came in around 93,000 words, 345 pages, and falls in the NA (new adult) speculative fiction category. I wrote the following two paragraphs to a prospective editor and fellow member of the San Diego Writers/Editors Guild. My first thirty pages have already been through the guild’s Manuscript Review Program where a panel of authors and editors recommended it for publication. More to come as the process of editing and publishing continues. This is an exciting time!
     The manuscript I’ve recently finished is called Reflections. This story I have conjured up has just been so much fun for me to write! The setting is mid 1970’s in Framingham, a Boston suburb. The protagonist is an eighth grade boy named Shane Sullivan. He discovers he has the ability to look into someone’s eyes and see into their family history. He can see and hear different ancestors, their memories, experiences, and what they have learned. This gives me so much open range in a couple of areas.  For starters, there’s the sci-fi aspect regarding theories about ancestral memories being stored in our junk DNA as a type of instinct. History-wise, I create many ‘small-world’ moments in a historical town like Boston where characters turn out to be descendants of people who were relevant in American history, or those who saw big moments in history and can tell the real story.
     Shane shares his ability with his two closest friends, one of which focuses on science and the other history as they help him investigate these reflections on people’s lineage. This lets me create a sort of Howard Zinn/CSI atmosphere where the trio can debunk those old basic, illustrated social studies books. They compare their historical research to first-hand experiences Shane can see in his visions, and they study up on the latest scientific theories that did not exist yet for Salem magistrates, or Sons of Liberty. They research parapsychology together in secret to try to explain how Shane’s ability works. One outcome of this is they find groups of good and evil throughout history that are aware of Shane’s destiny. Another result of their search for answers from history, science, and the paranormal is that Shane becomes much more spiritual and grows a stronger faith in God. …Ay… don’t get me stahh-tid. Hah!