Update on Reflections

We are published and open for business! The paperback version of Reflections went on sale on September 16th on Amazon, and the Kindle edition just became available on the 28th. My Amazon Author page should feature both editions soon.

I also formatted it for iBooks, which will be released in October. I really like how this version turned out, but I learned that iBooks is way more strict about the business practices of independent authors. As a result, Clifton Kenny Publishing is filing the official DBA paperwork to operate as an independant publisher! Now, on to marketing!


I am an author. I have proof.

My author’s proof arrived today! After a final review and approval, it is now a published novel! It is now available in the CreateSpace store, available for Kindle in a couple days, and on Amazon and iBooks soon after. After 8 weeks it will be available in major book retail stores by ISBN number; they can order it for purchase. I think that’s called a soft launch? Works for me!

History’s Mysteries…

Those moments in history everyone thinks they know . . . like the last song played on the Titanic as it sank. Want to hear the difference between the common, American melody of Nearer My God to Thee and the more haunting British Propior Dio melody? Shane can whistle it for you. –He was there watching.

The real last song…

Reflections cover art, first look!


Reflections FB Page

Reflections officially has a Facebook page! Please visit and toss me a “Like” for your good deed for the day. This will be a home base for the book’s release date, and updated information about the big debut. Thanks!

Reflections, the Novel FB page

Jimmer is Researching . . .