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Q & A on Reflections starts today, and runs for one week. We hope you join us, or maybe invite some friends on Goodreads to join the discussion group. See you there! 🙂

Q & A on Reflections with Clifton Kenny


Spiffy New Look!

Renaming the blog and sporting our official new publisher’s imprint just seemed to be post-worthy. -Had some fun throwing in some new fall colors with a fiery Burlington sunset. We also have a new Instagram link, with a preview of some images that inspire us. Looking forward to expanding into additional menu links for pages about sequels, new storylines, and other work from authors in our cozy little group.

Peace, and happy harvesting!

Designed by W. C. Collins
Designed by W. C. Collins

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A Moment to Reflect

Deep breath. It finally feels like a logical, natural time to inventory the goals and achievements for my debut novel, Reflections. I had been hoping to to a blog post like this for quite a few weeks, but each step in this process has been laden with researching, self-educating, trial and error, and rare points of success.

I’m happy to share that after countless hours of formatting, Reflections is now available in the iBooks store! I am proudest of this version of the book so far, as the digital cover edit and placement, ePub formatting, internal links to chapters and contents, and external links to my author sites were all set into place by yours truly.
Reflections on iBooks!

I then completed the NOOK Press ebook version, conforming to a whole new set of eBook guidelines so that it can be purchased and read on the NOOK.
Reflections on the NOOK.

The original Kindle version is still going strong, and the paperback is for sale on Amazon side-by-side with the Kindle edition, and on the Barnes & Noble website by the NOOK, as well as in the Create Space store.

I’ve learned so much along the way, I’ve had moments of wondering how much of the publishing (especially the digital publishing) I could do independently next time around. Which reminds me, I also stumbled into creating Clifton Kenny Publishing! We have an official DBA, and we are drafting up a publishing imprint for our official seal. It’s been fun connecting with a few artists and editors, yet another tsunami sized learning curve.

On the marketing/networking scene, I have had active twitter and fb feeds since I started this blog, but the fb page for Reflections is fairly new, and I am now a Goodreads author. I’ve found some very reasonably priced marketing help with, and and then there’s the best kind . . . free – networking with friends, acquaintances and colleagues. So if anyone needs to do a good deed for the day (which is everyone) please feel free to share this post, follow me on twitter, retweet any of my book updates, like the fb page on the left, put me on your Goodreads shelf, or by all means don’t hesitate to click up some stars on those e-store reviews for Reflections.

With all that said, it is finally time to ease up on the reigns of this project for a while. The hard copy is available in three major online markets and to all book retailers on order by ISBN number. The digital copy is available on the three biggest reading tablets, as well as countless other devices. Both forms of media are available worldwide. Whew! Even though there are bound to be some snags here and there, it’s time to remember what a guitar feels like in my hand! Maybe even visit the gym! 🙂

Many thanks for all your support and encouragement, folks!

Nice Work Paige!

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Jimmer can’t wait to research Prohibition after Shane’s eye witness account of Boston Harbor’s Rum Row!1010665-_37


I’m on Goodreads!

My Goodreads Author Page

Still getting used to this site, but honored to be an author on it! Please feel free to follow me on here, or add Reflections to your “to-read” shelf, or read, rate, recommend to anyone else.

Thanks so much for all your support!

Reflections Chapter One Preview :)

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