Final Week of Reflections Giveaway!

Five chances to win, no reason not to enter! We are international this time, accepting entries from The US, Great Britain, Canada, and Australia. Contest closes after 2/6/16, and 5 lucky winners get their paperback copy shipped to their home. Enter Reflections Giveaway here, and GOOD LUCK from CKP. 🙂


Update on all things CKP

  1. Reflections giveaway is going on for 2 more weeks. We are giving away 5 copies of the paperback edition, enter to win one! Reflections Giveaway
  2. Our NA sci-fi/fantasy short story series The Navigator now has a Kindle edition on sale at Amazon. It’s a dimension-jumper, Check it out! The Navigator Kindle Edition
  3. The Navigator iBooks edition has had an update to the author links, sample preview, and table of contents. -Still our best deal and most interactive digital short story: The Navigator iBooks Edition
  4. Sequels to The Navigator and Reflections are already in the planing stages. 🙂
  5. CKP is pursuing a promising lead to head up our children’s book division, and an internationally known illustrator to be named soon!



Enter to win a FREE copy of Reflections!

New Year, 12th Day of Christmas . . . good time to win a free book! We are giving away five of the paperback editions. This contest runs for one month.

Goodreads giveaway details

Reflections details

Paperback and Kindle editions are still on sale, as are iBooks and NOOK editions. The NOOK edition is now reduced to $.99 for all you nooky people. On the iBooks edition, free codes are available if you email me at These promo codes are in lieu of honest reviews, another way to get a copy for free!