Pinterest Polarity


Sometimes I crack myself up. The latest occurence of this was when I thought of sharing two CKP pinterest boards together: Reflections Faith Factor and The Navigator Character Concepts.


Reflections Faith Factor shows all the ways Shane’s faith in God grows stronger throughout the book. I really love how his faith develops while in the midst of an unsupervised party house in the 70’s. He’s surrounded by high school and college kids with a lower drinking age, commonplace smoking, promiscuity, and yet his trust in the Lord grows. Oddly, this felt like the riskiest part of the story at times, but I am so glad it is there. This board shows some of the why and how of this dynamic.

The Navigator Character Concepts is on the steamy side. It’s an Eva thing, I really wanted to create a breathtakingly beautiful mixed race character. -And I worked with an illustrator with limited english, so I ended up showing him what I envisioned on this board with images of surf culture beauties, etc. Oh yeah, and Killian’s in there somewhere too.

So my goofy punchline is, if you don’t like one of these boards, you’ll probably like the other one. So here they are: something for everyone! And if you like them both? Not sure what that means, but I think it makes you a fan! Follow us on Pinterest, and check us out on iBooks or Amazon. 🙂




Reflections New Edition Launch

UnknownCKP is proud to announce the launch of our second edition of Reflections! The new updated edition of the novel features our publisher’s imprint on the title page, updated publisher information, and a new link to our blog and social media for the paperback and kindle versions. Nod to my dad, the original Clif, for the coolest imprint ever made.


In order to celebrate this launch, and all our hard labor, kindle and iBooks editions will be FREE this Labor Day weekend – Saturday September 3rd through Monday, September 5th, 2016. So don’t labor. Read a free book and relax.

In other news. . . CKP is now on Pinterest! We have really taken a liking to how this bulletin board layout can help show our fans some author insight, planning, and hints of things to come both visually, and in the written descriptions. CKP has boards for Reflections and The Navigator in the areas of: character concepts, settings, science, and additional Reflections boards for history and faith. -Had to cover all of the trio’s areas of expertise. Come check it out, and follow us!

Reflections has also entered a second round of The Story Peak Novel Contest at, which is a another great way to get a free read.

Happy Labor Day people!

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