Man-Brain Wisdom: These are NOT Antonyms!

With keeping up several social media accounts to promote our writing projects, I’ve learned that we need a stream of interesting information on the CKP twitter, fb page, LinkedIn, etcetera. This keeps followers interested, engaged, and hopefully prevents us from sounding like constant advertising (or begging) for people to buy or review our writing.

Instead of searching for other people’s interesting or funny messages, I’ve started making our own. CKP is in the meme business. My first strand of memes bears the phrase “Man-Brain Wisdom. This is inspired by some of my recent years of teaching experience, and the lack of male role models for young people at home and at school. In a school of 1,100 students, over half of the student body were products of a divorce, living with mom only, and the other half had the highest percentage of military dads on deployment in the district. The administration saw nothing wrong with a staff of all women . . . except me and a one other guy, who left. Forty three ladies, and yours truly. Yay.

I started really noticing that men work differently, think, act, collaborate, teach, and parent inherently differently, in a positive, blunt, logical, necessary way. I heard it described once when a former associate principal (female) read a quote to our 97% female staff: “Mothers love unconditionally, but fathers love with expectations.” – Her point being we need a balance of both types of caring in our school. I care about my students, and found myself giving fatherly advise more and more often to balance the sea of ‘motherly’ on campus, and the absence of fathers at home.

On the adult side, I found professional collaboration with all women an extreme challenge. Thinking linearly, logically, in a supportive teammate kind of way would constantly lose out to complainers, multiple tangent topic changes, and proud multi-taskers doling out work, and doing prep work while participating in all conversations at once. Minimal progress was ever made, and these ladies prided themselves on solving the world’s problems at every meeting. I stayed content with the two common phrases administrators saved for me: “You’re kinda’ quiet,” and “I like his idea.”

Henceforth, the Man-brain Wisdom meme theme refers to fatherly advice I have given to young people, or edgier advice I wish I could give them, and philosophical points for anyone who could benefit from a tough, caring, experienced male perspective. We have become such a rarity these days. Who knows, it might even become a book someday. 🙂 Here are a couple samples. More are available on our Pinterest board and our Instagram account.


CK 🙂