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Reflections Latest Interview. Thanks, AwesomeBooksToday!


First, I wish to thank Clifton Kenny for giving me the opportunity to read his full-length novel debut,  Reflections. If you missed my review for it, you can find it here
Clifton Kenny is a lifetime writing enthusiast, a superhero and science fiction fan. He is currently living in Burlington, Vermont. 
Below are the questions and the answers. This interview is mostly based on his book, Reflections. 
1. How was the book born? How you got the idea for it? 
I got the idea while running. I usually let my mind wander on long runs, and I started people-watching in the park and wondering what physical traits they got from their ancestors. I envisioned what that transformation would look like, and what other traits could have traveled throughout that family line. I thought it would be an awesome super power to be able to read those ancestral memories or hear them like…

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