Patriotic Character


Tondo Recognition :)

Thanks for adding me to your list of Next Big Authors! I’m honored!

The Navigator

I found this nifty site on my twitter for sharing short stories, and they accepted this one that I wrote. Please feel free to read, login, and give some feedback. I would truly appreciated it! Thanks, people! 🙂

Planning the Sequel

I did some brainstorming for the Reflections sequel today, what fun! So far I get to research more colonial history, WWII/Pearl Harbor history, geomagnetism and aurora borealis, biochemistry, 1975 Red Sox season, Babe Ruth history, puberty in the 70’s, angels, succubi, biblical themes of temptation, perseverance, and faith. –Just for starters! This was a reminder of how much fun it was to write book 1!

Sweet News

Definite warm fuzzy feeling today . . . my beta reader from Boston, who grew up in Reflections main characters’ neighborhood in the 1970’s LOVES the book! Street cred from the locals! Yeah!

Book 2 Notes

I decided to take one more final pass on my manuscript after checking my editor’s changes. This is a very worthwhile choice, allowing me to tweak a phrase here and there to adjust the voice of the story after all other checking is complete. The bonus is getting all these great ideas for the next book! What fun!